Welcome to The Well Ministries! My name is Jonathan and this note is designed to tell you more about my fiancé Lauren and I and why we believe God has called us to this ministry. We both were raised in the church and are from the southeast United States. Both of us have had challenges along the way that have increased our faith and reliance on the Lord. Lauren was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (more of her testimony here). I was born with a defective pituitary gland which has resulted in sometimes crippling hormonal deficiencies. It has been my experience that when hard challenges come to the life of the believer, a choice is presented. Either we walk towards a more intimate relationship with God or we walk away from Him. Lauren and I chose both separately and together to walk towards Him.  As a result, He has been more than faithful in all aspects of our lives. We have found that the closer we get to Him, the hard times become more bearable and the great times become more enjoyable. This Well of Living Water gives sustenance to us and we want to help others find this sustenance so that they can overcome any obstacle and walk out whatever destinies God has for them. God has given us a vision to do this through multiple venues of ministry as detailed on our Vision page. I encourage you to check out all areas of the website. Currently, my blog is the most active, but Lauren plans to blog also in the near future. 

Most importantly, I want you to know that whatever we do on this website is dedicated to the Glory of God. He is everything to Lauren and I and we pray that whatever you find on this website nourishes you spiritually and draws you closer to Him.

- Jonathan