Vision of The Well Ministries

The vision of  our minsistry flows out of our purpose:

Our purpose is to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by resourcing and equipping the children of God to discover the living waters that never run dry. This ever-running fountain that God has implanted in every heart enables each person to live and walk out the destiny and plan that God has placed on their life.

 In order to walk out this purpose, the Lord has given us a mandate to branch out into several different areas as outlined below. Details on these will be on our projects page in the future.


Lauren and I write occasionally on this website in our individual blogs. We use this medium to share whatever it is God has placed on our hearts. I also expound on the youtube videos I have done.

In the future, we plan to write books and training manuals about the prophetic ministry, biblical interpretation, and whatever else He gives us to do.

Social Media

We have social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. We use these to spread the word about things we are doing and to provide more real-time, prophetic insights on whatever God leads.

In the future, we may expand our social media platforms and provide forums for groups of people to come together.

Youtube Videos

Youtube videos have been the heart of this ministry in these infant stages. I do short videos from time to time about the issues of the day. 

In the future, we plan to expand the videos into teachings and possibly do live programming.



Church and Para-church ministry

Lauren and I currently minister prophetically in small group settings in various places. We also help individuals on an as needed basis.

In the future, as God opens the doors, we forsee ministering in more places and groups. Eventually, we believe that this will expand to include a local church and/or traveling ministry.