Lauren's Testimony

Okay so here I am once again but this time I am going to tell you about the long journey of how the Lord healed me of many things. I have many testimonies from my life that I could tell but this one is the best one. I write so that you may have strength to know that you can get healed and that God is real. If you are in despair from being sick or struggling in anything know that God does love you. He does have a destiny for you. You will see my destiny at the end of my testimony. Be inspired!

I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid ArthritisADD, Asperger's, Dysthymia and thankfully all to the minor degree. For my JRA I was diagnosed at 18 months with stiff wrists. Most of my joints are damaged but you would never know it from looking at me. Thank you Lord for that blessing. I have two metal hips and a left metal elbow. I had also had my left elbow reconstructed in my youth. I have been on many medications for my JRA all my life from shots to  IV's to pills. I also struggled with low energy and was not able to work due to my anti depressants and JRA pills. I have been on anti-depressants off and on since I was 18. 

About two years ago I consulted with Jonathan, my family and the Lord about getting off my first pill. I was on 150 mg of Effexor. I was waking up around noon to 2p with 2 hour naps going to bed around midnight to 4 am. I was sitting on the couch not living. I call it a medical zombie, flat line in every way you could think of and I also was too anxious to drive. I tag teamed with my father who helped me slowly get off my Effexor so it was safer then getting off cold turkey. It took 6 months of horrible symptoms. I threw up several times, brain zaps, mood swings, continued fatigue, more painful joints, etc. If you know anything about getting off any anti-depressant you should know that it is unbelievably difficult. I got off Effexor (hooray!) and survived. The story is still not over.

With the Lord and my family on my side I decided to finish getting off the rest of my medications. I was on 2.5 mg of Methotrexate for my JRA. It started giving me massive fatigue when I was supposed to take it. I could not get out of my bedroom more or less because I was so very tired. Yes this sounds a lot like my fatigue from being on Effexor but it was worse. So the science mind God gave me I decided to experiment with this medication. I skipped a dose one week then took it another. I realized that when I did not take it I was full of energy and full of life. I tested this theory for a few weeks then decided to stop completely. I had it with Methotrexate and its fatigue games. I stopped it and with being off Effexor and Methotrexate came a whole new can of worms. 

Jonathan and I learned that Effexor was helping me digest food because serotonin was made in the gut. So I could not digest properly without some form of antidepressant.. I started throwing up everything in the morning. After I ate I did not feel full and I could not think straight. I had panic attacks and had to move to my parents' house for a week. I went to my primary care doctor and he said I could have Crohn's Disease or Irritable Bowl Syndrome. He told me to take Pepto Bismol. So after every meal I started to take pepto as my comfort. My parents noticed that was still not enough so they looked into going to a holistic doctor.

I went to my holistic doctor and learned I had NO good bacteria in my stomach, inflammatory cells, lacking in vitamins, etc. So the doctor gave me so many supplements and a diet to calm my immune system. During the last 6 months of my healing process I was feeling so much better from the supplements. I could actually start digesting properly with all the supplements he gave me. I was looking for a job during the end of my healing process. 

God landed me a full time 40 hour a week temporary 3 month job. I was working from 8a-5p Monday through Friday in downtown Nashville with Jonathan. I have never had a job like that in my life. Remember I used to live a life of sleeping often to this new journey of actually being able to live my life.

For the past year I have been driving Jonathan to his job in downtown Nashville where we used to work together morning and picking him up at night. I wake up around 7a and go to bed before midnight. I have not had a flare up since getting off medications. I know I will never have swollen joints again. The only pill I am on is 5 mg of Lexapro and of course vitamins forever. I have learned that I need vitamins to keep myself afloat. Sometimes I have stiff joints, sore joints, minor pain but never a flare up. 

All of this to say that 2 years later, I am on the other side, happier and healthier. I would not have been able to go through this process without the Lord, to whom ALL credit is due for my healing. I would encourage you to seek Him for your own healing. He is faithful and no respecter of persons.  

God Bless,