A Prophetic Dream

Notes to this video:

  1. I saw myself in a famous church that would be well known to everyone,it was the middle of a church service.
  2. There was a well known-christian speaker speaking. This speaker had her head shaved, which meant that she was exposing herself spiritually to the congregation.
  3. I then began to hear this woman speak about how she was coming out of the closet and was a lesbian and was proud of it.  As she was saying, she had been mistreated by the church and was now coming to shame and embarrass those who had hurt her.
  4. As she said this, the entire conference audience was….having no reaction. It was almost as if the person speaking was speaking an average message.
  5. Then I began to realize that the audience was immune to this sin..it was as if they had heard this all before.
  6. Then I started to weep uncontrollably for this person and pray for them. The depths to which I felt ..this pain and hurt for them were endless. I then began to travail in prayer for this person before being escorted out of the room. 2 Cor 7:10 AMP For [godly] sorrow that is in accord with the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation; but worldly sorrow [the hopeless sorrow of those who do not believe] produces death.


The prophetic word for this dream is that if we continue the rampant sin and unrepentant lifestyle in the church today that in the future the body of christ is going to be desensitized to theworks of the enemy in our midst.  This is already happening now where churches are accepting and endorsing sinful lifestyles. The only answer is to get right with God and develop personal relationship with Him. If we have this already, we need to be on our knees praying for our leaders and ourselves that sin would not creep up in the midst. Also that we would be able to have compassion for people that are entangled by sin and would see them and love them like Jesus does.